Single-wafer vacuum loadlock for low-volume MEMS production
memsstar’s new ORBIS 1000 platform is ideal for low-volume MEMS production environments with automated single wafer handling. Once demand increases, the ORBIS 1000 platform can be converted and upgraded to a fully automated 3000 system, without losing your original PM investment. ORBIS 1000 features fully-automated processing that dramatically improves cycle time between wafers, providing the ideal level of productivity for commercial development and low-volume production.

ORBIS 1000 Key Features

Compact footprint
Easily connected to cleanroom facilities
Chemicals and electronics are on board for nontoxics, minimizing ancillary equipment
Uses industry-standard components where possible
Highly reliable
Easily maintained, with full equipment service available from memsstar
The ORBIS 1000 integrates with both the XERIC™ and AURIX™ processes modules. Each process module uses a small-volume vacuum chamber able to process all standard sizes of substrates — 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm — or many different types of carriers and substrates. Chambers are process-specific, with an optimized process kit for a particular substrate or design, all featuring memsstar’s superior process control.


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