Since 2003, memsstar has served as Europe’s premier process and equipment supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and related technology manufacturing processes. The company innovates best-in-class solutions based on Applied Materials, Lam and Novellus platforms combined with its proprietary memsstar® systems for MEMS applications.

memsstar offers full manufacturing, design, process engineering and demo capabilities. ISO 9001 certified, the company is recognized for its remanufacturing excellence, technology development, process guarantees, as well as extensive service capabilities to support its full range of remanufactured semiconductor and proprietary MEMS equipment.

How memsstar serves the global MEMS markets:

  • Developed MEMS-dedicated processes for manufacturing using semiconductor equipment
  • OEM for memsstar® tools optimized for MEMS-specific manufacturing

memsstar is a leading remanufacturer of Applied Materials, Lam Research and Novellus tools for semiconductor manufacturing processes. The company’s technology expertise includes reactive ion etch (REI), plasma-enabled chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), and more. Specializing in etch, PECVD and PVD equipment, the company delivers bottom-line value to customers throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

Led by some of the industry’s leading ex-OEM specialists and technologists, memsstar adheres to semiconductor manufacturers’ requirements for fab capacity expansions, process development or equipment maintenance and upgrades. The company provides a full specification solution to its customers with high-quality ISO-certified build and test procedures. memsstar’s etch, PECVD and PVD equipment comply with the latest CE standards, with full process qualification.

Every piece of remanufactured etch, PECVD and PVD equipment benefit from the industry’s highest quality etch and deposition process expertise and associated pre and post-sales support services.

memsstar brings:
Diverse range of customer experience and system/chamber types
Process strengths: PECVD, RIE, PVD, Vapor Phase, Thermal, Integration
Strong focus on new/innovative applications, process development and R&D users
Custom built configurations and upgrades
Large parts inventory
Onsite services
In addition to remanufacturing etch, PECVD and PVD equipment, memsstar stocks a full line of etch and PVD equipment spare parts, which are distributed globally at competitive prices. The company also provides upgrade services, technology development for next-generation processes, and training programs.

MEMS Tools

ORBIS™ 3000
memsstar’s proprietary line of etch and deposition systems are designed to facilitate the successful transition to integrated dry MEMS processes for etch and deposition — from R&D to high yield manufacturing. Our expertise extends to the refurbishment of semiconductor etch and deposition platforms for use in MEMS manufacturing. Our comprehensive service offerings further support this effort.

memsstar is actively involved in all aspects of the MEMS industry and its development, including corporate membership of SEMI’s MEMS and Sensors Industry Group and representing SME’s on the Governing Board of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking European funding program

MEMS Technology Development
memsstar is a leader in MEMS process technology development, working independently and in conjunction with leading research organizations such as the Fraunhofer Institute, and commercial partners including Millipore Sigma.

One example of the company’s technology development is its use of amorphous silicon (a-Si) as a sacrificial layer in the construction of MEMS. Developed with the Fraunhofer Institute, the module enables the a-Si film to be deposited in a modified industry standard PECVD reactor as a sacrificial etch layer for subsequent isotropic release etching using the memsstar XERIC™ system. The module has fully characterized etch selectivity to many other materials, fast etch rates and excellent uniformity and repeatability. This integrated process sequence can be used within standard CMOS facilities or on top of CMOS wafers to enable many possible new applications.

Technology Integration and Fab-Compatible Platforms
memsstar’s unique patented processing system solution delivers unrivaled process control and wide process windows for vapor phase isotropic etch and surface modification.

memsstar ORBIS™ systems offering:

Manufacturing Systems

R&D Systems

XERIC™ Vapor Release Etching
Customers who use memsstar’s residue-free dry-release processing benefit from the company’s advanced vapor delivery, chamber technology, and sophisticated process monitoring.

Read more:
Vapor HF (Hydrogen Fluoride)
– Vapor Release Etching of Oxide

XeF2 (Xenon DiFlouride)
– Vapor Release Etching of Silicon

AURIX™ SAM Coatings
memsstar’s systems and MEMS process expertise include hydrophobic anti-stiction precursors, anti-wear coatings, hydrophilic treatments for anti-fouling, microfluidics and bio-inert implantable devices; and bio-active coatings. Self-assembled monolayers are produced in a two-stage process that combines plasma activation with surface deposition –- all precision controlled and monitored using innovative patented systems.