Walthy is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision micro-apertures, high precision slits, precision pinholes, slit or pinhole arrays etc.

  Our expertise is micro pinholes and slits with tight tolerance. Standard pinholes and slits range in size from 5µm to 1000µm, could be both sides blacked, mounted or unmounted. High Power pinholes and slits are also available. Our specialty is customization according to customer’s application and specific requirements, including custom shape and micro pattern.

  As the key component of the spectrometer and other various optical instruments, the pinholes and slits are commonly used in optical experiments and image analysis, served a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Biomedical, Medical, Industrial Inspection etc.

  We try to help customers from fast prototyping to volume production, and specialize in supplying cost-effective solutions that meet customer’s specifications, timelines, and budgets.

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No.19 Aigehao Road, Jiangsu Sheng, 215000, China

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