Rezonent Corporation is a Silicon Valley based semiconductor company that is developing a solution to enable todays most advanced computer processors to run up to 40% cooler.

To date, the company’s proprietary technology has demonstrated initial proof of concept in university labs and computer simulations enabling The Company to test a commercial grade application.

A proven technology could demonstrate massive cost savings in the data center industry where environmental control costs have increased exponentially over the last decade.

Rezonent technology employs on-chip inductors to preemptively capture energy in a magnetic field.  The inductors that are built on the chip, in series with the capacitance of the clock grid, are designed to produce a natural oscillator to drive the clock grid with radically reduced power consumption. In the binary 0/1 digital world, every time billions of transistors change state, from 0 to 1, they draw huge energy.  When they transition back from 1 to 0, the excess energy  is dissipated as heat.  Rezonent technology is designed to solve the heat problem by capturing and storing the 1 to 0 energy release and storing it as magnetic energy, before it is lost as heat. The stored energy then drives the next 0 to 1 transition.  In essence, the system recycles “0’s” to power “1’s”. 

Rezonent will first tape out its core library (on-chip physical design) to work with the design requirements of the 28nm multi-core processor at  TSMC in Taiwan. Importantly the RISC-V benchmark will showcase the Company’s ability to implement it’s IP within a wide array of SoC design development programs.