Founded in 2009, HT Micron is a Brazilian company dedicated to providing advanced semiconductor solutions. As a result of the technological cooperation between Brazil and South Korea, its headquarters is located at the Tecnosinos complex, in the city of São Leopoldo, about 35km from Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

HT Micron started its operations on a previous infrastructure, called Basecamp, in July 2011. It was a clean room that enabled the start of local semiconductor production in Brazil. Its permanent headquarters, with approximately 10,000 m² of constructed area, was inaugurated on June 7th 2014, and with this new headquarters, HT Micron expanded its production capacity of semiconductor components using the most advanced technologies. 

With one of its main objectives being to stimulate knowledge generation and add value to Brazilian electronic industry value chain and believing that university environment is highly stimulating and has great potential in the technology innovation process, HT Micron, along with universities, invests and encourages research, development and innovation, having as one of its projects the Institute of Semiconductor Technology development at Unisinos.

DRAM Dynamic memories for data processing
Volatile memory used in PCs, Smart TVs and other devices that use memories in conjunction with their processors for data acquisition and processing.

Technology that succeeds the DDR3L volatile memory, the DDR4 component has been developed to complement HT Micron's product portfolio, meeting the demands of the next generation of products for the PC and Smart TV market.

Memories for space-limited solutions.
Multichip component that integrates storage and processing memories in one product for use on computers, smartphones and other mobile devices.

High performance memories
Low power and high density flash storage memory for Computers, Smartphones, Smart TV, security, IoT and automotive devices.

Security embedded integrated Chip
Functional card with authentication and data storage for applications like credit card and ID card.

Connectivity Solution for IoT Applications
iMCP – HT32SX is a Multicomponent Integrated Circuit (MCO) designed to provide a ready-to-use connectivity solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It provides both uplink (transmit) and downlink (receive) communications, and it is the first HT Micron product in a new family of non-memory component.

Its small dimensions, high performance and low power consumption targets the best experience for IoT developers.
The system combines an ARM Cortex M0+ 32bit and the STM S2-LP low power transceiver combining all the advantages, integration and convenience of advanced semiconductor packaging technology into a single chip.

Credits to Rodrigo Westermann Blum