GEM Services focuses exclusively on services for the power management semiconductor market, making it the vendor of choice for this market. It manufactures both key industry standard packages and proprietary and advanced packages developed internally for its customers. It enables its customers to be leaders in their market by providing a wide range of services, extremely high quality, accurate delivery information, and technology leadership with advanced packages. GEM goes beyond being a sub-contractor by providing the following services to its customers:

Assembly Services
Complete line of high quality services including wafer probe, assembly and test
Factories, logistics and customer interface located in Asia to provide real-time communication for customers
Proprietary technology used to manufacture standard packages to increase throughput
Advanced Packaging Development
High performance proprietary packaging developed by an international team of experts
Co-development of new technologies with customers
49 U.S. patents granted
10 patents granted in China
2 patent granted in Japan
Electrical Testing
Wafer probe, electrical test, data-log and characterization testing
A wide range of testing capability - MOSFET to mixed-signal IC
Test program development
Reliability Testing
Complete reliability testing capability and failure analysis services
Logistic Services
Drop shipment services, shipping directly to the end customers
GEM Services works closely with its customers to become an extension of their packaging department, and to ensure corporate capacity needs are met both short and long term. Our new facility in Anhui Province, China, provides capacity for new customers and for growth at existing customers. With industry unit growth rates per year, GEM recognizes that its customers may not have the back-end capacity expansion capability required to keep up with the market’s growing demands; GEM provides that capability, and works to be a long term manufacturing partner.
GEM Services operates three factories, using common technologies and providing the same extremely high quality in all aspects of business to our customers:

Jiading (Shanghai, PRC)
Founding factory, corporate engineering center
Advanced discrete, IC and multi-chip packages
Technology and package development
Hefei (Anhui Province, PRC)
High volume standard packages
Long term capacity expansion capability
Also GEM Services is serving on eLaser GaN Epi wafer of business contacts too

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