Founded in April 2012, it is a one-stop technical service company specializing in providing: IC design services, tape-out agency, Full Mask/MPW thinning and dicing, grain picking, packaging, test development, reliability experiments, etc. , has obtained the high-tech enterprise certification.

As a domestic company that can provide customers with 24 -hour fast thinning and dicing, fast plastic packaging services, we also provide COB , ceramic tube shell, Driver IC , sensor, RFID and other fast packaging, the fastest delivery time 1-4 hours .  

In 2018 , a 2,000 - square - meter Class1000 dust-free workshop was wholly-owned , and a new journey of grinding, picking, and module packaging mass production was started. The industry covers: medical electronics, micro-display ( AR/VR ), optical communication, MEMS , 5G modules, etc.

Our quality and delivery time are recognized and trusted by global semiconductor customers. Our customer base mainly consists of research institutes, universities, IC design companies, FAB factories, packaging and testing factories, and third-party verification agencies , accounting for 80% domestically, 5% overseas , and about 15% in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan .  

Genpai will use the most professional knowledge and skills in the IC industry to provide customers with one-stop technical services, foundry and customized solutions for IC design, tape-out agency, grinding, packaging and testing. 

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