Shanghai Xinzhe Microelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd. wasinJune2007.It is engaged in technology development, technical consultation, technical service, and technology transfer in the field of electronic technology. It allows the manufacture, processing, wholesale and retail of electronic components. (Not allowed to engage in certification activities), engaged in the import and export of goods and technology import and export business.

The company obtained the German TUV (ISO9001) quality system certification in December 2007 , and the German TUV (ISO14001) environmental management system certification in April 2008 . In 2010 , our company was recognized by four national ministries and commissions (National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation) as a state-encouraged integrated circuit manufacturer (Fa Gai Gao Ji [2011] No. 699).

The company's main customers are BYD, Shanghai Huahong NEC , Shanghai Belling, BCD and overseas customers,

In 2010 , the company's QFN technical transformation project received a government subsidy of 5.12 million yuan;

In 2011 , the company won the honorary title of "Safe Unit" for comprehensive management in Shanghai;

In 2011 , the company was recognized as a "specialized, refined and new" enterprise in Shanghai;

In 2011 , the company was recognized as a "high-tech" enterprise in Shanghai;

In 2012 , the company was recognized as a "Little Giant of Science and Technology" in Fengxian District;

In 2012 , the company won the "Harmonious Labor Relations" enterprise in Fengxian District;

In 2013 , the company was recognized as a "cleaner production" enterprise in Shanghai;

In 2013 , the company won the honorary title of "Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise" in Fengxian District;

In 2014 , it passed the review of high-tech enterprises;

In 2014 , it was awarded the Shanghai-level safety production standardization enterprise.

In 2016 , the company was successfully listed on the New Third Board (stock code: 838181);

In 2017 , the company's high-tech enterprise review passed;

In 2018 , it won the most potential enterprise in China's semiconductor packaging and testing industry;

During the company's development, Li Jinhua, then vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Wang Jian, then director of Shanghai Economic Commission, Shi Guanghui, then secretary of Fengxian District Party Committee, and leaders from Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone came to our company for research and guidance many times. .

The company now has a professional management team and a very enterprising corporate culture. Adhere to the principle of synchronizing enterprise development with employees' personal growth, create a stage for employees to display their personal talents, and have formed a working environment that respects talents and focuses on collaboration.

The company strives to develop the company into a world-class packaging and testing company through several years of efforts, and strive to keep pace with the international industry.

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