Low Driving Voltage, High Efficiency & Lifetime
DUKSAN Neolux Co., Ltd. provides series of materials of each layers including self-developed red luminescent material for host layer which has high-efficiency, low voltage and durable features.

OLED Structure And Material Layer (RGB Type)

List Of OLED Materials That DUKSAN Neolux Co., Ltd. Mainly Provides
A Material that transmits electrons from the electron transport layer to the EML with high electron transfer properties
Red Host
A material that transmits energy to the phosphor red dopant for high luminous efficiency
A material that traps electrons that have reached the luminous layer and effectively injects electron hole transmitted from HTL into the luminous layer
Material that emits light particles outside using refractive index properties
A Material that transmits electron hole from electron Hole Injection Layer to EML, Which has high electron hole movement properties.
Duksan Neolux Major Mass-Production Materials
 HTL, Red Host, R Prime, G Prime, B Prime, CPL etc