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In this boundless and competitive market, the product quality is the key factor for success in high-tech industry. "Circles and rectangles are not right without compasses and squares", a slight mistake will result in great error in the end and the importance of measurement has been clearly pointed out. With five beliefs as Profession, Innovation, Service, Trust and Honesty, Chang-Yu Technology has dedicated to be a total solution provider for LED test and measurement in recent years.


Being a system integrator, over 65% of our employees perform R&D and the company strategy constantly focuses on providing most cost-effective solution and time-to-market project control to satifsy LED manufacturers either in research or production line application. With our professional team members in different fields like optics, mechanics, electronics and software, we have successfully developed various automated handlers and intruments for LED sorting.

Quality & Service

"Quality Responsibility" and "Customer Satisfaction" are our policies and we pursue professionalism, discipline, flexibility and creativity to build up a complete QA system. Our unique flexible production method that is capable of managing low volume, high mix production quality. In addition to the head quarter in Taiwan, our worldwide distributors would sincerely offer real-time technical consultant and after service. Chang-Yu Technology provides customers not only the products, but also the highest quality assurance and service.


As our beliefs: Profession, Innovation, Service, Trust and Honesty, many customers have approved our aggressive attitude for new technology development and enthusiasm of service. With our efforts and passions, we trust that Chang-Yu Technology will keep the leading position in LED test and measurement.

Partner & Growth

Since we have engaged in the research of LED test area for a long time, we accumulated key measurement technologies of luminance, color, electricity, electro-mechanism and automated system integration to develop various complete solutions. Furthermore, to effectively integrate various resources within the company, we are implementing ERP to build up an advanced and modernized management system, which could provide customers with better services. With the growing LED market, we will keep investing in improving the testing instruments will be LED manufacturers best partner to get win-win advantages.

Automated Machine(IC)
  •  IC視覺檢測自動包裝機
  •  IC元件移載交換機
  •  Chip Tray 自動束帶機
  •  Jedec Tray 自動束帶機
Automated Machine(LED)
  •  Lamp LED Glue Dispensing System
  •  Lamp LED Sorting Machine
  •  Piranha LED Sorting Machine
  •  SMD LED Machine Series
  •  High Power LED Machine Series
  •  Light Bar LED Test System Machine
  •  6"8" Auto-alignment Wafer Level Test System
  •  Other Automated Machine
  •  LED Optical Spectral & Electrical Test System
  •  LED Electrical Test System
  •  LED Goniophotometer
  •  Portable LED Lighting Test System
  •  Micro Spectrometer
Automated Machine(Connector)