Konkord Electronics

 Moscow, RU Custom Manufacturer,  Distributor,  Service Company $1.0-2.0 Mil 10-50
Supplier of wafers, substrates, chips, ceramic and metal packages in Russia. Expert in semiconductor materials and equipment market.

Prolite Group

 , BY Manufacturer
Production of LED lighting

Best Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer,  Service Company
SiC/SiC Epitaxy Wafer Service on 6”, as well GaN/Si on 6" and 8"

Hebei Sinopack Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Multilayer co-fired ceramic packages (HTCC, LTCC), ceramic substrates

Meizhou Exhibition Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Ceramic metallized substrates (DBC, AMB), ceramic packages for LED, IC

SDI Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
LED Lead Frames, Discrete, Transistor, IC Lead Frames, VFD Frame, BGA Heatsink, FPC

Giga Lane Co., Ltd.

 , KR Manufacturer


 , KR Manufacturer
Materials for semiconductor manufacturing process: polymer (Resin), photoresist (PAG), and additives, and materials such as Resin for SOC, Resin for BARC, and Acid Generators. Coating materials

Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc, IntelliEPI

 , US Manufacturer
Epi structures grown on GaAs and InP.

Tecdia Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
Thin-Film Substrates, Ceramics Products, Precision Products, Diamond Products, Contract Manufacturing Services


 , BG Manufacturer
Small quantity epi-service on various substrates including Si, SiC and Sapphire but not limiting by them.

Chang-Yu Technology Co., Ltd.

 , TW Manufacturer
LED Automated Testing System, Optoelectronic Testing Instrument, Automated Equipment Development

Plessey Semiconductors Ltd

 , GB Manufacturer
MicroLED display solutions

Advanced Compound Semiconductor (Beijing) Co Ltd, ACS

 , CN Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Microelectronics and optoelectronics epi-technology of III-V compounds with research and development and large-scale production by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) technology.

Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co.,Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
photoresist resin for IC, SQ board,

Takatori Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Wafer manufacturing equipment. LCD mnfr equipment, Wafer mounter and BG tape removal machines, dry lift-off machines, wafer and pkg substrate tape lamination and removal machines, UV irradiation equipment, film resist lamination machines.

Research Institute of Electronic Materials, NIIEM

 , RU Manufacturer
Special polymer materials for electronics


 , TW Manufacturer
Manual Prober, Semi-Auto Prober, Fully-Auto Prober for LED, diode, VCSEL. Wafer Thickness Metrology

Gamma Scientific Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Laboratory grade thin film measurement systems, spectroradiometers, integrating spheres and calibration light sources. NVLAP accredited calibration and testing laboratory

Kyocera Global Ltd

 , JP Manufacturer
Ceramic packages, organic packages and module substrates, HDI PCB, PWB, single crystal sapphire products, semiconductor/LCD processing equipment