Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co.,Ltd was founded in 1979, and located in Diaozhen, Zhangqiu where the hometown of Meng Luochuan who was a famous business man. The company occupies 3000 Mu land and with over 3000 stuffs. Shengquan Group is an innovative company that focuses on R&D, and comprehensive utilization of plant stalks, which covers Biomass refinery, high-quality resin and composite materials, foundry materials, pharmaceutical industry, new energy and hygine protective products.


The company owns 7 high-tech enterprises, It is a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, national single champion demonstration manufacturing enterprise, national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, National key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, one of the first batch of national "green factories", Chinese top 500 patent enterprises, and Chinese top private 500 enterprises. Shengquan Group is the global leader of straw energy saving and comprehensive utilization and the manufacturer of thermal insulation raw materials for the re-entry capsule of Shenzhou spacecraft. The main products’ production and marketing scale of furan resin and phenolic resin ranks first in the world and Asia respectively. Many products such as photoresist resin for IC, SQ board, lignin asphalt emulsifier have broken the foreign monopoly.


Innovation is the soul of the development of Shengquan Group. The company has established a national enterprise technology center with more than ten professional research institutes and four research academies, with more than 400 scientific researchers; it has established series of scientific research platforms such as the national postdoctoral research station and the academician workstation of Shandong Province; it has established long-term cooperative relations with over 20 colleges and universities, such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong University, etc.; it has established an international team with over 30 world-class experts, which initially built a three-dimensional integrated innovation system where the annual R & D cost can reach 300 million yuan. The company has successively undertaken more than 10 national key projects and more than 30 provincial key projects such as the " foundation strengthened by industrial projects" of the Ministry of industry and information technology; it has applied for nearly 1000 international and SIPO patents; it has hosted and drafted nearly 100 standards that resulted with innovative achievements.


Establish centuries Shengquan Group for human’s wellbeing. In the future, Shengquan Group will unswervingly take the road of innovation and development, Drive new kinetic energy with innovation, promote the high-quality development of traditional industries, emerging industries and high-tech industries, Build a 100 billion industry framework, and build the national brand of China's manufacturing industry!


photoresist resin for IC, SQ board,