Founded in October 2014, Advanced compound semiconductor (Beijing) co., ltd is specialized in microelectronics and optoelectronics epi-technology of III-V compounds with research and development as well as large-scale production by molecular beam epitaxy(MBE) technology. The company has established the first large-scale production of MBE with independent intellectual property rights in China.  

The company’s first phase construction project has been completed. We have a number of Veeco GEN2000 production MBE systems, a full set of international first-class analysis and testing equipment, class 10, 100, 1000 clean room and supporting facilities. The first phase is expected to realize 80,000 pieces of 6 inches GaAs epitaxial wafers. It aims to realize the production target of more than 500,000 pieces wafers per year in the future.

As a representative of the 2nd generation semiconductor materials, GaAs has the characteristics of wide band gap, high frequency, high voltage, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and high luminous efficiency (relative), and is widely used in mobile communications (smart phones, etc.), wireless communications (base stations), optical fiber communications, LED, photovoltaic, and other fields. Among them, RF (radio frequency) accounts for the highest proportion, mainly used in mobile phone PA and Switch, base station RF etc.; with the increase in mobile phone 3D facial induction penetration and the demand for large-capacity optical fiber communication lasers, PHOTONICS (optoelectronics) represented by VECSEL) It will also become one of the important driving forces for the growth of gallium arsenide.

ACS supplies PHEMT, HEMT for RF and VCSEL for optoelectronics and other products. The main specifications of PHEMT, VCSEL have reached the international advanced level. Taking the 6-inch PHEMT as an example, the specifications of electron mobility, two-dimensional electron gas concentration, epitaxial material inhomogeneity, and surface defect density have all reached the international level.