Sumitomo Electric Co., Ltd

 Osaka, JP Manufacturer
Manufacturer of heatspreader materials, high purity powders, components for semiconductor equipment

Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc, IntelliEPI

 , US Manufacturer
Epi structures grown on GaAs and InP.


 , BG Manufacturer
Small quantity epi-service on various substrates including Si, SiC and Sapphire but not limiting by them.

Advanced Compound Semiconductor (Beijing) Co Ltd, ACS

 , CN Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Microelectronics and optoelectronics epi-technology of III-V compounds with research and development and large-scale production by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) technology.

Photin sp. Z O.O

 , PL
MOCVD wafer growth services in R&D and small scale production of compound semiconductor devices (InP / GaAs/ GaSb/ InAs ). device simulation and epitaxial design of lasers, LEDs, detectors, and solar cells.

Giga Electronic Technology Corp., GETC

 , TW Manufacturer
MOCVD and LPE epiwafers for LED and VCSEL, solid state secondary battery.

Jiangsu Huaxing Laser Technology Co., Ltd, HXPOTO

 , CN Manufacturer
GaAs based epiwafers for FP/DFB/VCSEL/PD, InP based epiwafers for FP/DFB/PD/APD

Innolume GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer
Manufacturer of GaAs-based laser diodes covering 780nm-1340nm, QD and QW epiwafers,

VIGO System S.A.

 , PL Manufacturer,  Service Company
Compound epitaxial wafers

Connector Optics LLC

 , RU Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
High speed 850 nm vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and p-i-n photodiode epiwafer manufacturer.

Masimo Semiconductor

 , US Manufacturer,  Service Company
Manufacturer of II-IV and III-V epiwafers, foundry and epitaxial services.

II-VI Incorporated

 , US Manufacturer
Manufacturer of SiC wafers and optoelectronic bare die and packaged components. Foundry services.

Union Optronics Corp

 , TW Manufacturer
MOCVD Epitaxy, wafer and chip process, laser-diode package and testing vertically integrated

Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co Ltd VPEC

 , TW Manufacturer
Epiwafer foundry. Manufacturer of epiwafers for HBT, HEMT, pHEMT, BiHEMT, GaN. Optoelectronic epiwafers for PD, APD, FP-LD, VCSEL, DFB laser diodes. Solar cell epiwafers.


 , FR Manufacturer
Producer of Indium Phosphide substrates covering all dopants (Fe, Sn, Zn, S) and all diameters (2", 3", 4").

Shin-Etsu Chemical

 , JP Manufacturer
Manufacturer of silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers, LED chips and epiwafers. Photoresists.