- The largest Western producer of Indium Phosphide substrates covering all dopants (Fe, Sn, Zn, S) and all diameters (2", 3", 4").
- Dedicated exclusively to InP, InPACT provides high-performance substrates for a wide range of devices for both micro (HBT, HEMT) and optoelectronic (LED, LD, PIN, APD).

- Founded in 1988, InPACT has an extensive manufacturing experience (18+ years) of InP.
- InPACT is an independent, private company owned by three founders and two Venture capitalists (Banexi Ventures from BNP Group and Innovacom from France Telecom Group).
- The plant is located in the French Alps, near the high tech Center of Grenoble. With the current design, it enables to triple production capacity within 6 months. A $10 million investment for a state-of-the-art crystal growth and wafer processing plant.

- InPACT serves 100+ customers worldwide. The customer profile includes leading telecom components producers, start-ups as well as leading Government Research Centers and Univ.
- Market share has increased to ~ 20% (merchant market), # 1 European/American producer.

- With its proprietary Epiready technology (EPICLEAN ), the company is strategically positioned to be a dominant supplier of InP substrates.