As the world’s leading company providing silicon wafers for integrated circuits, the Shin-Etsu Group continues be in the technological forefront with regard to cutting-edge large-diameter and super-flat wafers. We have succeeded ahead of others in the mass production of 300mm wafers and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers that realize high speed and low power consumption, and we are stably supplying these superior products. In addition to our company’s high-precision single-crystal technology and high-level processing technology, our high-quality epitaxial growth technology for cutting-edge image sensor devices and our systems for product quality control and evaluation analysis are highly valued by our customers around the world. By further developing our world’s No.1 technology, we will continue to provide a stable supply of the silicon wafers that support the development and manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Silicon Wafers
(Semiconductor silicon)

High purity silica rocks, which can be found only in select mines around the world, are reduced to silicon metal in a special furnace. From this silicon metal, polycrystalline silicon of 99.999999999% purity is created, and this is the raw material used by Shin-Etsu to fabricate semiconductor grade single-crystal silicon wafers. Special crystal growing methods are used to melt polycrystalline silicon and then convert to a large single-crystal round ingot, having perfect atomic structure. These crystals can be 300mm in diameter and longer than one meter. A silicon wafer is produced by slicing these ingots, followed by shaping and polishing processes. The final silicon wafer, which has extremely low levels of contamination and defects and surface particles is the “substrate” used to create many types of semiconductor devices, which are the foundation for the world around us. Silicon wafers are the primary substrate for the devices which power our smartphones, personal computers, digital home appliances, and which are now leading to remarkable advances in autonomous automobiles, AI, robotics, and healthcare.

Series Name
Lapped wafer, polished wafer, Diffused wafer, epitaxial wafer, SOI wafer, Annealed wafer

Memory, Logic, Analog etc, IC substrateSubstrate for Image Sensors and other types of sensorsDiode, Transistor and other discrete device substrate

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Due to the widespread use of LEDs, compound semiconductors combining multiple elements have become familiar to our daily life. Shin-Etsu Handotai has been engaged in the development of compound semiconductor material since 1975, manufacturing crystallized gallium phosphorus (GaP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), polished wafer, epitaxial products, high brightness AlGaInP, AlGaAs LED chips, etc. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of products for various new applications, from conventional visible light (yellow-green to red) region, to infrared region used in sensors, monitoring cameras, etc.

Photoresists are photosensitive resins that are used in the lithography process to transfer circuit patterns, such as those for semiconductors, on a silicone wafer. They form circuit patterns on the surface of a silicone wafer with photochemical reaction caused by light irradiation through a photomask on which the circuit patterns are drawn. Shin-Etsu photoresists support advanced lithography using the light source from i-line, KrF, ArF to EUV. We also provide spin-on middle/under-layer hardmasks used in the nanofabrication process.