From year 2004, GET introduced LPE and MOCVD technology from Hitachi Cable Japan to manufacture AlGaAs red LED and AlGaInP visible and infrared LED epi wafer.
  Through GET’s own business and technology development, LED epi wafer is one of GET’s main product and meet the best requirements from customers in Taiwan, China, Japan, US, and Europe.
GET newly develop and manufacture product for LED system and application in 2014. The product is under mass production and entering the overseas market.
  GET focus on development of product for energy-saving and  green-energy .
  Except for LED epi wafer and LED system, GET is developing the next generation of secondary battery – all-solid-state secondary battery.
The new product can make a breakthrough for the requirements on safety and reliability of existed Li-ion-based secondary battery.  

Structure: Single Hetero-Junction
Opto-electrical Characteristic Wavelength(nm): 650~670
​Brightness(V): 13.5~30

StructureDouble Hetero-Junction
Opto-electrical CharacteristicWavelength(nm): 645~670
​Brightness(V): 6~20

Structure: Homo/Window
Opto-electrical CharacteristicWavelength(nm): 925~955
Application: ​Remote controller,Optical coupler,
​Electronic white board...