Best Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd., founded in 2019, is a professional team to set up a research/development headquarter and a manufacturing plant in Nanjing, China. With core cultures of Integrity, Professionalism, Discipline, and Quality.

Relying on the manufacturing capacity of strong mass production experiences, Best Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd. provides high quality manufacturing in offering SiC/SiC Epitaxy Wafer Service on 6”, as well GaN/Si on 6" and 8" to satisfy the latest demand of power devices developments.

Besides the standard wafers, Best Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is also capable for the niche product depends on customer's request.

The Goal of Best Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is to be a global leader in providing WBG Epitaxy Wafers Services for use in High Voltage, High Power applications. And to be an international first-class POWER device wafer foundry by connecting the domestic supplying chain in 5G and Electric Vehicle related applications.