Gamma Scientific specializes in light measurement and light characterization technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment is backed by our 60 years of industry experience coupled with decades of software and integration. Gamma Scientific is your one-stop solution for tunable light sources, calibration light sources, display measurement equipment, light meters and sensors, handheld spectrometers, integrating spheres, reflection systems and more.

Professional Light Measurement Equipment
If you are a manufacturer or contractor that works with a lighting product, you’ll need to test your products using light testing equipment to determine whether the testing standards are properly met. Gamma Scientific carries instruments that test lighting, and we conduct on-site light meter calibration to give you peace of mind that your lighting solution performs at an optimal level.

Since 1961, it has been our vision to provide light measurement tools with incredible accuracy. In that time, our company has transitioned and changed tremendously, but we remain committed to providing stellar products and service for our customers.

Whether you’re looking for SpectralLED® solutions, UDT light meters and sensors, or anything involving professional light testing equipment, Gamma Scientific has what you need. Accelerate your light measurement testing process today.

Display Measurements 
As display products are pieced together during the production process, flaws or irregularities can negatively impact the LCD or LED panel display. These negative effects can include color variations, luminance errors, and screen flickering. Our display measurement equipment gives manufacturers a reliable quality control solution to ensure their products meet their specific standards. 

Lighting Measurements 
When LED lights come off the production line, any defects can cause flickering, brightness issues, and color irregularities. Our LED light measurement equipment performs the luminance, illuminance, and luminous intensity measurements that help ensure customers only receive products that meet all the desired standards. 

Calibration & Testing 
To ensure that your products are ready to be sold to any customers, Gamma Scientific performs on-site camera sensor calibration and testing. We can locate pixel defects, characterize sensor parameters, and perform a variety of other benchmarking tasks.


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