The requirements for precision cutting machines have risen in conjunction with the progressive development of LED and power semiconductors. As a specialized maker of precision cutting (slicing) equipment (wire saws) for sapphire and SiC substrates, typically hard and brittle materials, and also solar panels, Takatori focuses on increasing the quality of cutting process technologies. Through these efforts, the company is contributing to the realization low-carbon society.

Equipment applicable to LED

Equipment applicable to TAIKO Process

Wafer Protective Tape Lamination Machines

Wafer Protective Tape Removal Machines

Wafer Mounters

UV Irradiation Equipment

Film Resist Lamination Machines

Package Mounters

Equipment applicable to Substrate (H-WSS) Processing (Attaching)

Equipment applicable to Substrate (H-WSS) Processing (Detaching)

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We develop and produce equipments manufacturing super liquid crystal panel displays for from desktop LCD monitors to mobile telecommunication tools. It satisfies the demand of the environment-friendly automatic and labor saving operation for highly-accurate liquid crystal panel displays as tools of cutting edge information technology.

LCD Panel Surface Cleaning Machines

Polarizer Attaching Machines

Module Production Process Machine

Touch Panel (or Cover Glass) Bonding Process Machines



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