Konkord Electronics is a supplier of semiconductor industry. We offer our customers high quality materials and equipment for semiconductor production from Japan, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan. Our product range is very wide and not limited to the products below:

- wafers: InP, GaAs, silicon, quartz, glass, GaSb, GaN, SiC etc.

- thin film wafers: silicon epiwafers, SOI, SOS, metal on silicon, GaN on silicon templates, TEOS, SiN, thermal oxide, GaAs epiwafers, InP epiwafers etc.

- bare chips of LED, laser diodes, photodiodes, silicon and compound semiconductor chips of diodes, transistors, MMIC etc.

- packaging and assembly materials: lead frames, ceramic and metal packages, metal lids and caps, LTCC and HTCC substrates, AlN, Al2O3, BeO substrates, DBC and DPC substrates, thin film and thick film substrates, adhesive films, die bonding glue and films etc.

- Support products: quartzware, chemicals, wafer and die packing products etc.

- Semiconductor new and pre-owned equipment for front end and semiconductor packaging/ assembly.

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