Through a mix of news, contributed articles and staff-written articles, Semiconductor Digest is dedicated to providing information about the design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of semiconductors and other types of electronic devices, including MEMs, LEDs, displays, power electronics, optoelectronics/photonics, biomedical devices, solar cells, thin film batteries and flexible electronics. Our focus is on the unique requirements of each of these devices in terms of the design tools, process equipment and materials, and test equipment.

We seek to understand how end applications are driving the requirements for these devices, including telecom (5G), personal computers, mobile (smart phones/tablets), IoT, automotive, data servers (cloud computing, networking, gateways, storage), aerospace, industrial uses (i.e., smart manufacturing), consumer (TVs, cameras, household appliances), wearables, lighting, agriculture, healthcare, military, signage, oil exploration and many others.

Our coverage is global, looking at manufacturing activity in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia), as well as Brazil, Russia and India.

We are specifically focused on the processes and materials used in semiconductor manufacturing, including lithography, deposition, etch, planarization, implant, annealing/diffusion and cleaning, as well as the inspection tools needed to measure film thickness, critical dimensions, check for defects, etc.

We are also focused on the infrastructure needed to support the multi-billion fab that houses these tools. That includes the cleanroom, the chemical/water and gas handling equipment, the automation/robotics, the vacuum pumping and exhaust gas abatement gear, the software that controls it all (MES/SAP).