Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures machine bases for vibration sensitive production tools used in the semiconductor fabrication process. Most of our products are installed to support Photolithography or Metrology equipment, but we also manufacture bases for structural support of tools too heavy to be placed on a typical access floor. For process tools requiring compliance with a stiffness and/or flatness specification, a concrete top structure with steel sub-frame is utilized. This combination of materials results in more reliable, repeatable performance characteristics at a cost competitive with other designs.

Our bases are designed to provide appropriate structural support without amplification of vibrational energies that interfere with tool performance.

 Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. also provides custom engineered seismic restraint systems and calculation submittals specific to the tool/base/facility combination.

Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. is qualified by Nikon to supply bases for the S650, S630, S622, S621,S320,S620, S208/308, S610, i12/13/14 and S210 series Scan systems.

Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. is qualified by ASML to supply bases for the NXE 3300B, 3350B, 3400B, Twin Scan, and 5500 series Scan systems.