Imagine that when engineering any single electronic device, one of the biggest challenges is how to dissipate its operational heat. Carbice is an advanced materials company solving the problem of heat transfer as technology gets smaller and more powerful and is enabling the electrification of everything: from mobile phones to solar panels, to satellites and electric vehicles.

Carbice is an advanced materials company solving the problem of heat transfer with their sustainable Carbice® Nanotube Technology.

Carbice is setting the standard for thermal interface materials (TIMs) with their sustainable Carbice® Nanotube Technology while potentially saving the government and relevant industries billions of dollars in production costs.

What sets Carbice® Nanotube Technology apart from the conventional TIM is that it has all the benefits - great thermal conductance and ease of use – without any of the limitations. It is long lasting, predictable, reliable, cost efficient, and has received the highest certification for quality manufacturing operations (AS9100D and ISO9001).

It is already being relied upon by leading aerospace and defense companies for both space and terrestrial applications showing its growing importance to national security and the future of technological engineering. Carbice’s industry-leading TIMs are easy to select and buy because of Carbice® SIM, a first-of-a-kind, real-application predictive modeling tool that allows customers to know what to expect up front with confidence and precision.

The credibility and impact of Carbice’s technology has attracted one of the world’s most prolific designers and innovators, Tony Fadell, Principal at Future Shape, who has invested in the company. Carbice to date has raised $17 million in venture funding with investors, including Tony, Toyota Ventures, Foresight Ventures and TRUMF Ventures. This has allowed Carbice to scale up and position themselves as the biggest vertically-aligned carbon nanotube manufacturing facility in the world when they unveiled their new global facility in Atlanta this August.

The opening was attended by leading dignitaries including Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan of Georgia who hailed Carbice as representing the future of Georgia as an international technology company that is revolutionizing innovation for major industries.

Carbice is now setting its sights on rapid growth with its industry-leading client base across its key markets of Space, Data Centers and Electrification (Power Electronics). They now look to invest in an expanded sales, marketing, and engineering team to fuel their growth.

“Carbice is the material for pioneers and the future of engineering,” says Carbice founder, Dr Baratunde Cola.