The India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SEMI in Bengaluru on Wednesday, in the presence of over 200 IESA members, to explore opportunities for connecting Indian semiconductor stakeholders to the global semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain.

This collaboration between the two chip associations aims to facilitate connections among government, industry, and academia stakeholders in India and their counterparts globally. The primary goal is to facilitate companies in forming partnerships, with a specific emphasis on talent development.

The MoU focuses on various crucial areas such as manufacturing, policy support, design, skill development, research and development, academia, and supply chains. It also intends to leverage research data to advance these objectives.

Under this agreement, joint events will be organized in India to assist in talent identification, skill development, and knowledge sharing. These events will provide updates on relevant developments and host webinars on policy matters and industry activities in the semiconductor sector worldwide.

The first upcoming joint initiative is the SEMICON 2024 event in September, marking the initial step in a series of planned collaborative activities over the following years. SEMI, a global industry association representing more than 3,000 member companies in the semiconductor design and manufacturing supply chain, will be actively involved.

Ajit Manocha, the president of SEMI, emphasized that the partnership between their global network and IESA's Indian connections will play a crucial role in positioning India as a prominent global hub for manufacturing and design.

Ashok Chandak, the president of IESA, highlighted that this partnership brings together SEMI's international network and IESA's expertise in the Indian electronics, semiconductor, design, and manufacturing sector to foster growth and innovation.