Machine vision equipment maker Intekplus will conduct equipment tests with two outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies. One is an OSAT company in the US and another is in China.

By Jang Keyoung Yoon


The equipment being tested is surface equipment used in during the back-end process for semiconductors. It is used to check for defects on chips that have finished packaging before they are shipped.

With the Chinese OSAT company, the pair’s test has progressed substantially- the demo test is done and the quality test is expected to be completed within the second half of the year. With the US OSAT company, Intekplus is conducting the sample test.

A sample test is the first step of product testing with a customer - it is followed by a demo test and then a quality test.

Meanwhile, Intekplus has recently supplied an inspection kit to a major Chinese printed circuit board maker.

Intekplus is an exclusive supplier inspection kit to Intel, having been named an official supplier in 2018. It replaced KLA as the sole supplier of optical inspection kits to the US chip giant.

INTEKPLUS expects demand for the visual inspection equipment to increase in the secondary battery, automobile, and biotechnology fields and is developing and commercializing products in the fields. The company believed that the business diversification has succeeded and has also reorganized the divisions. Business Division 1 is for the existing semiconductor package inspection equipment, Division 2 is for the mid-end wafer inspection equipment, Division 3 is for the OLED inspection equipment, and Division 4 is for the automation business.

Founded in 1995, INTEKPLUS is headquartered in Daejeon. It was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2011. The company recorded sales of 16.1 billion won and an operating loss of 8.3 billion won last year. Semiconductors accounted for 50%, displays for 30%, and rechargeable batteries for 9% of the total sales. R & D engineers are 88, accounting for 51% of the 173 employees of the company.