The information spread last week about the possibility of a delay in the implementation of the project and an increase in its budget does not reveal the full picture. In fact, many factors influence the stages of construction of enterprises. Why is it impossible to name a clear time frame for the start of construction? Representatives of Intel, in an interview with a source, did not specify the timing of the start of construction work, preferring to call them enlarged - "the first half of 2023". In fact, from the point of view of Intel in terms of the timing of the project, nothing changes.

The project has not yet passed all the stages of approval required in such cases. Intel has already acquired a 430-hectare plot of land in Magdeburg, where in a few years enterprises worth between 17 and 20 billion euros will be built and put into operation. Land management work should begin in January 2023, by February it is planned to complete the laying of water supply and power lines necessary for the start of construction and the further operation of enterprises. According to the source, all types of construction equipment necessary for these works cannot be delivered to the site this year.

But it became known that the rodents protected by local legislation living on the territory of the construction site were moved to the Leipzig Zoo. Intel and its contractors took a certain pause in anticipation of funding for construction work from the local budget. Until the money is received, construction will not begin. It is expected that the EU authorities next year alone will allocate about 6.8 billion euros to subsidize this project. Part of this amount should go to the accounts of the project participants as early as this year. As representatives of Intel explained, the company must make sure that the required amount is received, and only then will it begin to coordinate the stages of construction work with the municipal and federal authorities. Some delays are not ruled out, as the current economic situation in Europe allows for rising costs for construction work and materials, as well as access to energy. In the end, the customer will need to enlist the support of construction companies in sufficient volume in terms of technical and labor resources.

The authorities of the region explained that the EU will determine the amount of subsidies for this project in the first quarter of 2023. Only after that it will be possible to specify the timing of the start of construction. Local authorities have done their part of the preparatory work, and further progress depends more on the allocation of funds by the German federal authorities, and not from the municipality of Magdeburg. All necessary approvals at the local level are carried out in accordance with the originally planned schedule.