Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and J2 Semiconductor have recently entered into a memorandum of cooperation. Their collaboration aims to establish a global research and development center in the Hong Kong Science Park, with a specific focus on third-generation semiconductors. As part of this initiative, Hong Kong plans to open its first SiC 8-inch wafer fab, a significant milestone in the semiconductor industry.

The project is set to receive substantial support from the Hong Kong government, resulting in a total investment of HK$6.9 billion ($882.49 million). By 2028, the R&D center aims to achieve an annual output of 240,000 silicon carbide wafers, contributing to a yearly output value that exceeds HK$11 billion ($1.41 billion). The center will encompass chip and microelectronic product design, modularization, and production.

Hong Kong, being one of the world's largest semiconductor import and export markets, is strategically located at the heart of the Greater Bay Area. The local government sees tremendous potential for Hong Kong to become a key hub in the global semiconductor supply chain and value chain.

J2 Semiconductor, a chip design company founded in October 2021 in Shanghai, specializes in the research and development of automotive chips. Their portfolio includes cutting-edge products like high-performance silicon carbide chips and automotive Ethernet chips for power conversion and communications. J2 Semiconductor has garnered investments from top investors, including Xiaomi, as mentioned on their website.