Namuga, a South Korean camera module specialist, has partnered with Lumotive, a pioneer in optical semiconductor solutions, to develop solid-state lidar module solutions. Under the commercial agreement, Namuga will utilize Lumotive's Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) chipsets to create solid-state lidar modules for various 3D sensing applications in the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.

 Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) digital beam steering chip

Namuga, a publicly traded company in South Korea, is renowned for its development and production of cameras and 3D sensing modules. These components are integral to a wide range of consumer electronics products such as smartphones, notebooks, and smart home automation systems. Namuga is also a key supplier for Samsung Electronics' flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S23, and provides capabilities for other smart devices like drones and Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs).

By partnering with Lumotive, Namuga aims to capitalize on the massive market potential and significant benefits of pure solid-state lidar technology. Lumotive's LCM chipsets utilize metamaterials to steer laser beams without any moving parts, overcoming the limitations of traditional mechanical beam steering systems in terms of size, reliability, and scalability. With Namuga's expertise in miniaturization of sensing modules and the advantages of LCM-based beam steering, the partnership aims to expand the use of lidar into new domains of 3D sensing, particularly applications where compactness and weight are crucial.

Through this collaboration, Namuga plans to leverage Lumotive's LCM products to develop advanced solid-state lidar modules beyond robotic automation solutions. These modules would be applicable in sectors such as services, homecare, and logistics. The integration of Lumotive's technology will enhance Namuga's capabilities in perceiving the surrounding environment, improving overall performance and opening doors to future ventures, including autonomous driving.

Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO of Lumotive, expressed excitement about partnering with Namuga, a reputed industry leader in sensing camera modules. He emphasized Lumotive's mission to make solid-state lidar more accessible by partnering with innovative sensor makers like Namuga. The collaboration aims to drive the transformation in this field and apply LCM digital beam steering chipsets across a wide spectrum of use-cases.

Namuga's CEO, Tae Youn Won, sees the partnership as an opportunity to accelerate the development of next-generation lidar technology and secure a technological and manufacturing competitive advantage on a global scale. Leveraging Namuga's leading 3D sensing camera technology, the company aims to expand its presence not only in the autonomous driving car market but also in next-generation device technology markets, including robotics, XR (Extended Reality), and other innovative technologies.