Samsung Electronics has once again reduced its stake in the Dutch semiconductor equipment company ASML, a move that aligns with its strategy to maintain investment momentum in anticipation of the semiconductor industry's recovery.

Source: ASML

In the third-quarter report released on Nov. 14, Samsung Electronics disclosed a decrease in its stake in ASML from 2,750,072 shares (0.7 percent of ownership) in the second quarter to 1,580,407 shares (0.4 percent) by the end of September. This reduction amounted to 1,169,965 shares, or 0.3 percent, with the market value of the stake dropping to 1.26 trillion won (US$956.74 million).

The decrease in market value from 2.6 trillion won in the previous quarter suggests that the stake sale generated roughly 1.3 trillion won in funds. Combined with the previous sale of 3,547,715 shares in the second quarter, Samsung Electronics has raised approximately 4.3 trillion won from ASML share disposals this year.

Samsung Electronics initially acquired a 3.0 percent stake (12,595,575 shares) in ASML in 2012 for 363 billion won to establish a strategic partnership. Subsequently, in the third quarter of 2016, the company sold about half of its ASML shares (approximately 1.4 percent), yielding 750 billion won. This was followed by the disposal of shares worth approximately 3 trillion won in the second quarter of this year.

The funds obtained from the latest stock disposal are reportedly intended for investments in the construction of semiconductor production lines.