Singapore-based technology company Silicon Box recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing foundry worth $2 billion in the city-state, aiming to promote the widespread adoption of "chiplet" technology. The startup, which was established two years ago by the founders of US chipmaker Marvell, Sehat Sutardja and Weili Dai, alongside current CEO BJ Han, announced in a statement that the expansive 73,000-square meter facility would generate over 1,000 job opportunities with support from Singapore's Economic Development Board.

Silicon Box specializes in the development of "chiplets," which are small chips that can be as tiny as a grain of sand. These chiplets are assembled through advanced packaging, an efficient process that binds several small semiconductors together to form a single, powerful processor capable of driving a wide range of applications—from data centers to household appliances.

In recent years, the global chip industry has increasingly embraced chiplet technology as manufacturing costs soar while striving to create transistors that are small enough to be measured in terms of atomic scale. CEO Han expressed to reporters that demand for their products has been high, with customer interest already evident even before the factory's official launch. Han also revealed that Silicon Box is currently engaged in discussions to supply chiplets to the Canadian artificial intelligence startup, Tenstorrent.