SK Siltron is planning to form a joint venture with RFHIC and Yes Power Technix that will develop technologies related to silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. The plan awaiting approval from SK Corporation, the holding company of the SK business group.

Image: SK Siltron, RFHIC, Yes Power Technix

SK Siltron has been in talks with RFHIC to form a venture for a while now, sources said. SK Siltron will offer its wafers while RFHIC is expected to offer its expertise in SiC and GaN, which are replacing silicon in certain chips as they are more durable and power efficient.

More and more semiconductors used in automobiles, telecommunication and defense sectors are adopting SiC and GaN chips.

SK Siltron is the only South Korean company that produces wafers. It currently manufactures SiC wafers in South Korea and the US while it is developing GaN wafers as well under a government-backed project.

RFHIC specializes in GaN RF chips, while Yes Power Technix manufactures SiC power management ICs based on 100mm and 150mm wafers.

SK Corporation owns 33.6% shares of Yes Power Technix and plans to spend 120 billion won more to eventually secure 95.81% of the shares.

By Jang Keyoung Yoon, source