Viettel, a prominent Vietnamese company, recently made a notable contribution to the technology industry by unveiling the first 5G DFE chip series in Vietnam during the International Innovation Exhibition Vietnam 2023 (VIIE 2023). This achievement marks a significant advancement for Viettel, as the company has demonstrated complete control over the 5G telecommunications infrastructure, covering key components such as wireless transceivers, switching devices, transmission equipment, wireless access devices, and the core network.

The 5G DFE chip series, entirely designed by Viettel’s engineers, represents a monumental feat for Vietnam. With the capability to execute 1,000 trillion calculations per second, this achievement has garnered recognition from esteemed partners such as Synopsys Inc. Dr. Le Thai Ha, Chief Technology Engineer at Viettel High Tech Integrated Circuit Center (VHT), emphasized that Vietnam's involvement and mastery of such cutting-edge chip design technologies were previously unattainable before 2018 and 2019. The collaboration with industry leaders like Synopsys, along with the deployment of a skilled engineering team to the R&D Center in Belgium, contributed significantly to this accomplishment.

In addition to the 5G DFE chip, Viettel also showcased other remarkable products at the exhibition, further bolstering the telecommunications infrastructure. This includes 5G gNodeB transceiver devices, Site Router 100G transmission devices, and high-frequency 5G signal processing transceiver blocks. These components collectively solidify Viettel's comprehensive mastery of 5G technology, with previous products like 5G gNodeB, vOCS 4.0, and 5G Core already being recognized by Gartner Inc.

Viettel’s journey to mastering the 5G telecommunications infrastructure dates back to 2018 when the company expressed its intent to partake in 5G technology trials. The successful integration of the first 5G transceiver infrastructure in Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi) and the subsequent completion of the world's first 5G call on a 5G device produced in-house in 2020 marked significant milestones for Vietnam’s technology sector.

Following this trajectory, Viettel’s recent collaboration with Qualcomm resulted in the successful development of the world’s first 5G transceiver transceiver (3T32R) block using the Qualcomm Open Ran standard. The company is poised to finalize the development of 5G devices (64T64R) to further enhance network capabilities. With the mastering of the 5G DFE chip, Viettel has positioned itself as a pivotal player in Vietnam’s semiconductor industry and is well-equipped to extend its chip design proficiency to diverse domains such as AI, 6G, IoT, and beyond.

Viettel’s exceptional strides in technological innovation have not only positioned Vietnam as the sixth country globally with the ability to manufacture 5G network equipment but also fortified the nation's telecommunications foundation, pivotal for realizing the national digital transformation strategy. This remarkable achievement by Viettel showcases Vietnam's increasing engagement in the global semiconductor industry, setting the stage for a prosperous future in chip design and technological innovation.