Shanghai Juya Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 4, 2009, focused on micro electronics, semiconductorfactory, fiber, LCD/TFT, solar cell, LED, bio pharmaceutical fields provide the application materials of ultra high purityconveying system. Juya service areas include special gas delivery system material, high purity bulk gas delivery systemmaterial, chemical liquid material delivery systems, exhaust gas treatment system materials.

    Provide the following products:

    High purity stainless steel EP, BA/MP, AP grade pipeline / tube / pipe; high purity stainless steel diaphragm valve,bellows valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, needle valve, pressure regulating valve and so on; ultra pure VCR, welding,card set of joint; applied materials and equipment: pressure sensor, pressure gauge, cylinders, flame detector,electronic scale gas detector, cylinders, emergency shut-off device heating blanket, heating wire, PTFE insulationwrapping tape; chemical supply system of PFA valve and the inlet and the welded joint, stainless steel liner PFA/PTFE pipe, valves, fittings and accessories.

    System design of professional ability to integrate the construction management team, efficient, excellent service and innovative technology, to create a stable, continuously for customers, technology guarantee uninterrupted. Juya thought to provide customers with complete science make it the most satisfactory solution for the mission, is committed toensure a minimum risk, based on the maximum security to customers to provide quality services to improve their satisfaction.


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