01. Metal Tube Flowmeters
02. Metal Tube Flowmeters (250mm Unified Installation Length)
03. Slurry Flowmeters
04. Direct Observation Type Flowmeters
05. Sanitary Flowmeters
06. Purgemeters
07. Flow Switches
08. Purge Sets
09. Differrential Pressure Flowmeters
10. Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Built-in Use
11. Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Controllers for very low flow rate and Built-in use
12. Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Process
13. Vortex Flow Sensors and Flowmeters
14. Wheel Flowmeters
15. Thermal Flowmeters
16. Constant Flow Valves
17. Pitot Tube Flowmeters, Calorie Monitor for Air Conditioners
18 Sight Glasses
19. Mass Flowmeters and Controllers
20. Thermal Mass Flowmeters and Controllers
21. Electromagnetic Flowmeters MAGMAX®
22. Coriolis Mass Flowmeters MASSMAX®
23. Flowmeters for Filling Machines
24. Flow Measurement System for Automobile Bench Test
25. Custom-made Products


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