Warwick Instruments has unique expertise in the field of gas mass flow measurement and control, and is diligent to provide customers with advanced and reliable technologies and integrated solutions. By supplying customized and completed services in fields such as semiconductor, PV solar, automotive industries, clean energy, medical equipment, environmental monitoring, biochemistry and life sciences, we satisfy our customer to meet the requirements of precision gas control and processes management, which help them to maintain competitiveness to the rapidly iterative market and enhanced customer expectation.

       Headquartered in the garden city of Zhuhai, Warwick has an independent production base in Zhongshan City with service capacity covering the whole country and Southeast Asia. The highly technical core team with decades of experience know well the profession demand and have rich filed service experience.

       Adhering to the spirits of "deep in technology, excellent at product, and loyal to customer", Warwick carry forward the great vision of craftsman, stay rigorous, stay focus and make perfection. We are committed to become the first choice supplier to high tech instruments and critical industries.


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