With over 26 years of custom rubber molding experience, LMP is your source for high quality, precision molded products.  Our services include compression and transfer molding of high performance elastomers such as Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Conductive Elastomers, Viton®, Nitrile, Neoprene and Ethylene Propylene.     LMP services such markets as Aerospace, Semiconductor, Industrial, Automotive and Biomedical            Industries.  We can manufacture your first proto-type run as well as large scale production output.  


Services  Products Custom Molded Shapes     Inspection and Trimming Molding Presses: Press sizes from 5 ton to 280 ton Die Cutting: Custom Gaskets Non-Standard O-Rings  Prototype Single Cavity Molds High Volume, Multi Cavity Molds Very Small and Very Large Sizes Lip Seals Bladders Bellows Non-Metallic Gaskets  Design and Material Selection High Precision Mold Making Compression and Transfer Molded Rubber Parts Rubber to Metal Bonding Rubber to Teflon Bonding  



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