Semiconductor manufacturing comes with its own unique sets of challenges, one of the biggest being sealing against microscopic particles.

As with many manufacturing processes, contamination is one of the biggest enemies of sealing performance. In standard industrial sealing applications, contamination will be measured in millimetres, but in the semiconductor industry, it’s measured in microns.

Here at NES, we can supply high performance semiconductor seals thanks to our exemplary cleanroom manufacturing environment. Our materials are chosen to meet the unique challenges that semiconductor seals are likely to face, including deposition, ash/strip, thermal processing, plasma, etch and more.

Our semiconductor seals
We’ve perfected the production of specialist semiconductor seals to produce products which have low particle and low trace metal contamination. This means you can benefit from a lower system downtime, increased time between failure, fewer requirements for wet or mechanical cleans and a cost of ownership which has been effectively driven down.

The materials recommended for your application will depend on a range of factors including the chemicals in your process, the temperatures involved and the type of device you are manufacturing. We are happy to recommend the best products for your needs; just get in touch and our expert team will be happy to help.



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