GST CO., LTD has been developing since 1999, manufacture specialized in Bellows and Vacuum products. And we have high competitiveness against with worldwide Vacuum component company for Bellows and Vacuum products.
We developed V-bellows suitable for Bellows Seal Valve and Seamless bellows applied to high purity gas valve and various sensors by using sheet metal forming and fine welding technology.

In addition, we have expanded the scope to manufacture Diaphragm which is core part of diaphragm valve and sensor. We are supplying to major Semiconductor, Display, SOLAR, Vacuum equipment manufacturers and industrial valves, automotive sensor manufacturers with high quality and on time delivery based superior technical skill in domestic and foreign markets.

GST CO.,LTD. is concentrate on the development of high technology bellows based on abundant production and research experience since the foundation of the company.
Welded Bellows
Formed Bellows
Seamless Bellows
Teflon Bellows
Vacuum Valve
Vacuum Component
Magnetic Seal Chamber


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