BMT started as a small metal processing company in 1988, and has since then been investing its efforts to provide better technology for customers and the local community.
BMT has established a long history of delivering superior and differentiated products, earning a spotless reputation and the trust of its customers.
BMT has also expanded its reach by adding process piping valves, cryogenic valves, and ultra high purity (UHP) products among others to its signature products, instrumentation fittings and valves. With efforts towards continuous evolution and innovation, BMT will keep its promise to customers and provide the best products for a better future.

Fittings & Valves Manufacturer with Proven Track Record and Technology
BMT puts customer satisfaction first and supplies products with excellent quality and technologies optimized for various needs of customers. Introducing BMT's instrumentation series, process piping series, and UHP series.

Instrumentation Series
We continue to develop and enhance SUPERLOK, our primary brand by building on decades of experience and proved field operation, research and development, and continuous engineering enhancement to maintain our reputation for high-quality, durable products and exemplary performance.

Flagship Products

i-Fitting®Instrumentation ValvesManifold Valves
Process Piping Series
UHP Series
Major Applications
BMT is a fittings/valves-related total solutions provider, supplying excellent technologies, products and services with proven quality. BMT's products are applied to a wide range of environments in almost all industries, including measuring and instrumentation systems, process control systems, cryogenic piping systems (e.g. LNG), ultra-high purity gas lines, and high pressure pipelines (e.g. hydrogen).


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