Crist Group excels in the specialized field of nonmetallic process piping systems, leveraging over four decades of expertise to design, engineer, and manufacture critical fluid process systems primarily in thermoplastics. Esteemed for our proprietary and patented processes, We stand out in the high-purity process solutions industry, serving the semiconductor, automotive, and health sciences sectors. The company's niche is the fabrication of high-purity fluid process components, especially for the semiconductor industry, where it is recognized as one of the few globally capable of producing such specialized parts. Our expertise extends to working with a range of fluoroplastics, including PFA, FEP, PTFE, PTFM, ECTFE, and PVDF, for crafting Ultra High Purity Fluid Process Assemblies. This focus on innovation and quality positions Crist Group as a leader in supporting critical industries with advanced fluid process solutions.


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1324 E. Beamer St., CA, 95776, United States

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