Dockweiler, founded in 1955, is the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel piping systems. The core business is to develop installation solutions for handling fluid and gas media in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, analytical and fine chemical industries.
  Based on our professional manufacturing technology, we can find very economical and highly reliable solutions. Consulting and services are a key part of us because our clients tend to see us as their engineering partners. Our experts have rich knowledge of all technical requirements and can give full guidance in choosing the right products. Our engineers work with you to plan, develop and implement custom components.
  Dockweiler provides standard products such as pipes and fittings to the high-tech industry. We also offer customized installation solutions to meet the highest requirements of purity and precision. Based on more than 1500 km of pipelines and an inventory of about 1 million pieces of fittings, we guarantee fast delivery.


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