Since our founding in 1988, we have been devoted to professional quality control, localization of imported products, technology development and facility investment with the aim of supplying the best quality engineering plastic products to our customers at the best price. As a result, we have been recognized for quality and technology in various types of engineering plastic such as PTFE business, extrusion & UHMW-PE business, MC Nylon business, PVC business, finished product processing business.

We are a company that produces materials with recognized quality from engineering plastic distribution in Korea. We have grown to become a company that localizes the imported products, and exports to other countries around the world. Ilwoong Platech Engineering Plastic is growing into a world-class engineering plastic company through steady growth of existing businesses and efforts to pursue new values.

Different type of plastic lines

Different types of plastic line & various sized products
Ilwoong Platech Engineering Plastic produces and supplies high-performance plastics such as PTFE, PVDF, PEI, PEEK, UHMW-PE, and general plastics such as PE, PP and POM MC NYLON.

We offer a wide range of material options to our customers through our various products, and we propose products that are suitable for your application. In addition, we are striving to reduce the cost of our customers through large production facilities and various mold sizes.



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