Ningbo Crysdiam Technology Co Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
CVD Large Size Single Crystal Diamond (Lab-grown Diamond), Ultra-precision Single Crystal Diamond Cutting Tools, Diamond Composite High Thermal Conductivity Material and Equipment, Diamond Surface Property Nanometer Modification, Diamond Grinding Tools (D

Kawaso Texcel co., Ltd

 , JP Manufacturer
Liquid Cold Plate, Power Feedthrough, Insulation Tube, Ceramic Breaks, Sapphire Window, X-ray Window

Rubicon Technology

 , US Manufacturer
Production of high quality optical and industrial sapphire components and material.

Fuyuan Technology

 , CN Manufacturer
Manufacturer of sapphire crystals and sapphire windows, covers and optical products.

Prolog Semicor Ltd

 , UA Manufacturer
Production of monocrystalline silicon ingots, silicon wafers, solar modules and monocrystals of sapphire.


 , RU Manufacturer
Manufacturer of sapphire ingots, sapphire wafers and optical sapphire parts.


 , CN Manufacturer
Standard or custom sapphire wafers with any orientation applied to epitaxy, as well as sapphire windows with any specifications applied to optics. Patterned sapphire substrates and sapphire ingots also can be provided. Expert in sapphire optics.