Prolog Semicor Ltd is Ukrainian leader in production of materials, components and equipments for semiconductor and solar application.

Founded in 1997, the company has wide experience in production of monocrystalline silicon ingots, silicon wafers, solar modules and monocrystals of sapphire.

The company has production capacity for growing silicon ingots with diameter from 2” up to 8.5” in quantity more than 200 000kg per year.

Also we produce silicon wafers for semiconductor application with diameter from 2” up to 6” in quantity up to 500 000pcs per year and silicon wafers for solar application with diagonal up to 8” (8,5” for full square).

We offer a wide range of high quality monocrystalline modules with different dimensions and the power range from 10 to 300Wp. Also, we can design modules in accordance to technical specification of customer.

We produce monocrystalline sapphire ingots with diameter up to 150mm for LED, optics, shields, watches industry and other application.

Our quality system is certified per ISO 9001:2008.

Prolog Semicor is a member of SEMI, member of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, member of association of Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy of Ukraine, Association of Ukraine Manufactures of components and materials for solar energy

We look always to expanding our mutual beneficial collaborations with partners all over the world.