ComHeat Microwave AB is a design company that develops silicon power devices using foundry services. Presently we are working on a new patented LDMOS concept. We also have a fundamentally Latch-Free LIGBT/IGBT new patented device concept.

Technology overview


A new MOS power device based on bulk Si with breakthrough performance. From 60V up to more than 1000V.
Patented concept.
Performance is about the same as for GaN and SiC based devices and much better than present state-of-the-art Si bulk devices
Status: to be implemented on Si.
The implementation of the new power device will be based on standard available equipment and processes used in semiconductor industry.


A fundamentally latch-free LIGBTconcept has been developed and patented.
The concept has been implemented on SOI at a foundry.
With key performance advantages (200V-device):
IDsat more than 10x higher than conventional LDMOS, (2.5 A/mm vs. 0.2 A/mm).
IDsat more than 3-4x higher than present LIGBT devices on SOI (0.7 A/mm).
Latch-free implies drastic improved SOA
Falltime is about 50 ns.
Status: the device is transferred to a foundry.


A fast fundamentally latch-free LIGBT implemented on bulk-Si and isolated from the substrate.
Patented concept
Falltime is below 2.5 ns (40V-device).
IDsat is around 2.5 A/mm, will challenge conventional LDMOS solutions below 40V.
Area for a 40V-device in BCD technology is 0.015mm2.
Status: to be implemented in BCD technology.