SAFI-Tech develops No-Heat SAC305™ supercooled liquid metal microcapsules, enabling low temperature processing of the industry's standard soldering alloy for surface mount electronics assembly. Our Liquicore™ technology encapsulates molten metal alloys inside a robust nanofilm that keeps the metal in a functional liquid state at temperatures far below its solidification point. Mechanically breaking or chemically dissolving the nanofilm will release the liquid metal to wet contact surfaces and solidify, forming full-metal conductive interconnects without the time, expense, and stress of high-heat reflow processes. SAFI-Tech's no-heat paradigm offers several advantages to design and assembly engineers: (1) more choices for novel substrate and component materials unsuited to high-heat reflow processes; (2) new innovation for thinner, lighter weight, and more flexible products with greater miniaturization and integration density; (3) single alloy used throughout a wide range of optimized processing temperatures; (4) better manufacturing yields by reducing the effect of thermal excursions and eliminating thermally-induced defects; and (5) reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions with lower energy consumption during the reflow process.

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