With strong relationships built among a cadre of blue chip customers, ePAK strategically addresses a market that has demonstrated consistent global growth. Our diversified client base of more than 500 customers includes wafer fabs and assembly as well as test vendors. By establishing a world class manufacturing center in centrally located Shenzhen, PRC, we are ideally positioned to provide exceptional service and on-time delivery to our customers.

Front-End Products

Our front-end products facilitate the automated manufacture, transport and processing of semiconductor wafers while offering a high level of mechanical and physical protection. Front-end products include transport and handling carriers, process cassettes used in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers, and storage environments used for holding finished wafers and work-in-progress ("WIP") wafers.

Back-End Products

Our Back-end products facilitate the handling and transfer of finished wafers, the manufacture of packaged ICs, the transport of finished ICs and electronic components to system sub-assembly and final assembly manufacturers. Maintaining the physical and functional integrity of finished wafers, fragile ICs and other electronic components is crucial to ensuring the proper operation and functionality of electronic systems.

The ability of our back-end products to reliably and consistently interface with high speed automated assembly and SMT equipment enhances high production throughput and manufacturing efficiencies.

End Systems

Our end-system products facilitate the automated assembly of electronics end systems, including magnetic disk drives for computer and consumer applications and imaging products. Sensitivity to ionic, chemical and particulate contamination is high in these applications. End-system products include disk substrate and media carriers and automation trays.



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