KEKO Equipment's activities are directed to producing of the machines for a mass production, as well as to machines for a small number production of components...
...with strategy based on two key areas:
the manufacture of machines for manufacture of classic components (condensers, varistors...) and for the
manufacture of new components, like HTCC, LTCC….
In the field of electronic manufacturing equipment for classic components we would like to develop machines which will be able to produce multi-layers with the greatest possible number of layers, from 500 to 1000 and over, which is a current demand in the manufacture of MLCC.
The technology of the machines for the manufacturing of most classic multi-layers components is very similar and therefore the development strategy of the company Keko Equipment is also to offer a wide spectrum of various machines.
The way of manufacturing cannot be universal, but the electronic mafufacturing equipment (machines) should be adapted for the manufacturing of individual components, which require specific procedures.
The important advantage of the company Keko Equipment is the manufacture of machines such as:


Roller benches
Tape casters
Tape blankers
Printer stackers
that meet the customers' special requirements.
We can offer the equipment for manufacturing LTCC elements for both production types of those components (with or without  ceramic foil on the supporting film).
Furthermore, it is possible fully automation of all the existing machines, including the automatic manipulation of ceramic foil on printers, cutting and punching machines, etc. in order to increase our productivity and to automate our production and exclude possible human mistake factor.
The future strategy of the company will be based on the complete manufacturing of the machines for mass production and specific manufacture of a wide spectrum of electronic components.