With the management policy of realizing customer satisfaction, the Korea Quality Certification and Standards Institute will join forces to become a world-class company 
Major international certification consulting, systems and consulting certification to ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001, , OHSAS18001, TS16949,
innovative management certification yinobijeu main business, established R & D center, PPS superior product performance certification, advisory activities, and
product certification We are consulting with FDA (USA), UL (USA), and CE (Europe).
We, the Korea Quality Certification and Standards Institute, can apply for funding support from the Small and Medium Business Administration through a business partnership with the Small and Medium Business Administration (KQMA), a renowned overseas standard designation organization
, and have experience in providing various advice and training for quality, environment, safety and other management system product certification. It is a professional consulting agency.

Companies that fall behind in quality and price competitiveness will not be able to survive.
Corporate management will become a living organization only when the environment is conducive to working with the chief executive at the center.
We, Korea Quality Certification Standards Institute, together with experienced technicians from large corporations and active and former entrepreneurs, conduct business feasibility studies of existing companies,
overseas certifications, and domestic certifications (KS, Q-MARK, INNO_BIZ, venture company registration) mediation of funds Various industry information We provide
information analysis and creative strategies to promote the start-up and growth of healthy companies in the fierce competition between companies through provision, management and technical guidance

Our company, registered with the Small and Medium Business Administration, has been designated as an overseas certification consulting agency and provides comprehensive information
In the future, as the best consulting institution, we will continue
to help solve difficult problems facing companies with independent and professional knowledge through informatization and differentiation of consulting work with the attitude of continuous research efforts .
As a partner of a prosperous company, we promise to fulfill our role as an overseas certification consulting institution preparing for the future society.


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